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Our ACG DataSafe Cloud Backup Service is designed for any size of Business customer, and provides a customizable, secure and fully automated backup of your key business data to our cloud storage. We take care of the management, monitoring and reliability for you.

The most common cause of a broken computer is a failed hard drive. This can result in the loss of years worth of data, including documents, pictures and movies, unless you have an effective backup.

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New computers are cheap and easy to buy, but looking after your data is priceless. Especially if you run a business, regardless of size. Your data is your lifeblood. It is your sales, accounts, marketing templates, customer database, and losing that data can cripple a business completely.

A local backup, using an external hard drive, is the cheapest way of ensuring that you maintain a copy of your data. Another option is to use a backup tape solution. But is the tape being removed each day, and replaced with a new tape? Are the backup tapes being removed from your offices, and taken to a secure location? This relies on delegating someone, each day, to complete that task.

Also, what about viruses, such as Ransomware? Are you protected against them?

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But, have you actually factored in all the possible ways that you can lose data?

A loss of your environment, such as your offices or home, means a total loss of your computers and your backup. If you are using a local backup and not removing the backup tapes.

But it may not even be your office that has a fire, flood or other damage that makes it inaccesible and destroys all the contents.

For example, if your business is located in a strip mall then consider the business neighbors that you have. Are they dealing with any flammable materials? Or, if you live in a condo, are you sure that your neighbors are doing all they can to make sure that they don’t experience a common electrical fire?

By using a Cloud Backup, instead of a local backup, it removes the risk of local environmental damage meaning a total loss of data, and keeps your business operating.


So, how does it work?

ACG Business Services has partnered with Google to bring you a Cloud Backup solution that is both affordable and robust, combining our technical knowledge with Google’s resilience and reliability, that ensures your most important data is protected and easily accessible in the event of a disaster.

We offer an encrypted solution, meaning that all of your data is safely transmitted and stored within our Cloud Server Storage.  This makes our solution perfect for any business where data is confidential, and we already service industry clients such as Accountants, Medical, Manufacturing and Legal.

Our Cloud Backup client is tuned to your needs during the installation process. Following a free consultation with one of our Technicians, our Monthly Charges are based on the amount of storage that you require and use, like a data plan for your cell phone, and so we work with you to ensure that only the data you need is actually backed up to the Cloud Storage, minimizing your costs.

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Tiered Level plans are chargeable Monthly, in advance, on an automatic basis and we closely monitor your usage. Unlike some other providers, we will notify you when your data size is close to exceeding your chosen Tier Level and discuss a course of action. Not just increase our charges. Some customers will choose to reduce the size of data they store (potentially a long overdue “spring cleaning”!). But most will select a larger Tier Level.

For more advanced businesses, our Cloud Backup software also fully supports Microsoft Windows servers. Including: Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server. (additional license charges apply)




Ransomware – The modern day “warfare”

One of the biggest modern day threats to organizations and their key business data (such as email, accounting, intellectual property) is a virus known as Ransomware. 

Ransomware attacks have grown steadily in recent years, and just recently have made national headlines when global organizations were attacked and crippled, sometimes for days. The attack in 2021 on the Colonial Pipeline in North America affected fuel supplies to Southeastern States, and caused widespread panic while the company fought to restore its operations.

How would it affect my business?

Ransomware works by encrypting every data file it can reach, whether located on a local drive (inside the machine), a locally connected USB backup drive or any Network Share the machine it has infected has access to on a Server based infrastructure. Once the data is encrypted any file that is opened will contain information (from the hackers) on how to de-encrypt the data (usually involving sending BitCoin or other Crypto Currency to them). However, there is no guarantee that even if the “ransom” is paid the hackers will give access back to the data.

One common misconception is that by having an external USB backup drive connected, and either manually copying data periodically or relying on the backup software that comes with the drive, you can always restore from your latest backup. In the event of a Ransomware attack a local backup device is actually rendered useless, as the virus will encrypt all of the backup files that it finds.

So, how can i prevent my machine being attacked by Ransomware?

The truth is, you cannot fully protect any machine with a Microsoft Windows operating system from Ransomware. The hackers that create the virus make constant modifications to their code, and this helps the software bypass any locally installed Anti-Virus software (until the Anti-Virus software company is able to detect the new variant and release a signature file update for their software).

How does it get on my system?

Ransomware can be “delivered” to a machine in many ways. The most common method is via an email that appears to be from a reputable source, such as a UPS Re-Delivery E-Mail with a link to click, or maybe a fake Coupon from a retailer. However, it can also come from installing mod packs for games, and in some cases users have their email hacked and their accounts are used to send the virus as attachments (or links) to all of their contacts. 


I have Cloud Storage, so we are protected!

Unfortunately, with most Cloud Storage providers (such as Dropbox, Google Cloud, OneDrive), this is incorrect. Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup are completely different. Cloud Storage (with the most common providers) works by creating a local folder on your machine’s hard drive and then synchronizing this folder with the Cloud Storage across the internet. In the event of a Ransomware attack the virus encrypts this folder, along with all the other data, and then the Cloud Storage software detects that the files have changed and uploads them to the Cloud (and, subsequently, back down to any other devices that are also connected to that Cloud Storage account).

So, what’s different with Cloud Backup?

Our ACG DataSafe Cloud Data Backup solution uses an encrypted, offline storage method. The local Cloud Backup client runs on a schedule decided by our customer, and takes an incremental snapshot of the data at that point, uploading it to the Cloud Data Backup Servers. This data is not immediately accessible to the virus, or to the user, it can only be restored to a location on a machine (when required). Our ACG DataSafe software has customizable retention, which enables a customer to choose how many iterations of a file are retained in the Cloud Backup (our default is 3). 

How do i get my Data back?

If a customer requires any data restored, from a single file to the entire backup, everything can be performed remotely by contacting the ACG Business Services Support Team. The amount of time a restore can take will vary, depending on the size of the data restore required, but a single file takes a few seconds.

Compatibility and Data Restoration

Unlike some other cloud backup solutions, our software will also support Apple Mac computers. This has proven very popular with our Graphic Design customers, the majority of which are using Apple Macs throughout their business network. Our software is also geographically independent. This means that if you travel, and your key data is stored on a laptop. Then wherever you are in the world you can have confidence that your information is being backed up to a secure, robust storage solution.

Data Restoration is also easy. For files, call our Support Team and they can remotely restore your data. Replacing a dead machine? No problem! Simply replace the affected machine with a new one, call our Support Team and we will install our Cloud Backup Client, and then select the files that you need to restore!

Our ACG DataSafe Cloud Data Backup solution is a simple, affordable addition to your disaster recovery plan!


Key Features

Fully Automated

+ Schedules to suit your business hours
+ Runs as a Service, no need to login
+ Detects missed backups and runs automatically
+ No media required, fully Cloud Based

Safe and Secure

+ Uses 256-bit AES encryption
+ Secure storage on Google Cloud 
+ “Offline” backup – virus resistant
+ Resilient Data Centers – not one location

Flexible & Customizable

+ Single or multiple run schedules
+ Custom File Retention (versions)
+ File Specific Backup (Bare Metal available)
+ Microsoft or Apple Mac, Workstations or Servers

Simple & Affordable

+ Annual Charge per Backup Client installation
+ Low Monthly Charges 
+ Tier Levels for Data Storage
+ Fully managed by ACG Support Team


  • No. Our ACG DataSafe cloud backup client is fully compatible with both Microsoft and Apple OSX operating systems, allowing you to protect your workstations and servers!

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